Benefits of Using Our Concierge Services


Auto concierge services are popular among car enthusiasts for the convenience and high-quality service they provide. They not only coordinate car services but also work to ensure the vehicles are properly cared for.

Likewise, here are the benefits of using our concierge services:
  • Service and Maintenance
    Proper vehicle care and maintenance are essential to ensure your car’s safety and dependability. Adequate maintenance may also improve fuel efficiency and help maintain your vehicle’s value. Our concierge team can help coordinate car service and maintenance services as needed. This may include following your preventative vehicle maintenance schedule.
  • Car Repair
    From steering and suspension problems to leaks and reduced driving comfort, there are several reasons to visit a mechanic. If your vehicle needs repairs, our concierge team can coordinate repair services for you. This can be highly convenient, especially when you have a busy schedule and more important matters to attend to.
  • Logistics and Transport
    Car logistics entails the shipment, delivery, transportation, and storage of vehicles and covers all modes of transportation. In addition to car storage services in New Jersey, our concierge team can coordinate transportation services for your vehicle.
Steve Ottomanelli is an established Operating Partner at Car Lofts LLC, specializing in car storage facility and private social club owner in Fairfield, New Jersey. From car maintenance to logistics, our concierge team is more than capable of coordinating the services you need. Reach out to us to learn more.
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