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Steve Ottomanelli is a Car Storage Facility and Private Social Club Owner in Fairfield, New Jersey. He is a second-generation car enthusiast who is sharing the passion his father had for cars. As a child, Steve would go to car shows and swoop meets with his father where he would learn about pre-war cars and muscle cars and later learn about foreign and exotic cars. His experience started as a child with his father, later becoming an automotive mechanic. He has also gained experience in car appraisals and has attended car shows all over the country. He is a member of the Classic Car Club of America. Steve is now the operations partner at Car Lofts where he oversees its day-to-day operations.

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Car Storage

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Motorcycle Storage

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Vintage Car

Concierge Service

We help you manage your vehicle’s needs.

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Vintage Car with People

Social Club Service

Get along with like-minded enthusiasts.

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Car Lofts LLC’s mission is to provide the best service possible in the cleanest facility in the area. Our employees will provide a professional service to all our customers.

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