A Place to Belong and Grow for Car Enthusiasts


Being surrounded by people with the same passion and interests makes your life more meaningful and exciting. Do you know a car storage facility and private social club owner in Fairfield, New Jersey, which promotes a community where you can share a common love and enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles?

Car Lofts LLC is the ultimate destination you can explore! Join our group of passionate car enthusiasts. Connect with other car lovers and collectors. Enjoy and unwind with our social club. We have a luxurious area that sports an appealing industrial vibe. Our club offers wealthy amenities perfect for like-minded individuals to interact. Members receive access during open hours and also receive invitations to exclusive experiences.

Our great amenities include:

  • Cigar Lounge
  • Billiards Table
  • Lounge Seating
  • Game Room
  • Social Events and Private Events

The partnership of Steve Ottomanelli with Car Loft is an excellent avenue to keep the fire burning, lend a hand to those who require social club services, and offer society to like-minded people looking for friends and partners in the car industry. Contact us, and we’ll take you to where you belong.

We also have car storage services in New Jersey. We only give the best service possible in the cleanest facility in the area. Our employees are always ready to provide professional vehicle services to all our customers.

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